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Sirens & Secrets Proposal

Welcome to this password protected proposal for my exciting new show, Sirens and Secrets. I have been working diligently on these pieces for two years and believe your gallery might be a good match for this exhibition. I am sharing this proposal with a limited number of sites.


The show centers around the baggage of life that we all carry – gripping addictions, depressing finances, broken relationships, unmet career goals, infertility – and the possibility of life with a new vision as one sheds the baggage. In addition to the paintings, what will make this show unique? I include ideas for adding props from the paintings as part of the installation. It is my belief that this will add a bit of drama and reality to the exhibition.


Below are videos describing the series and its background. You will also notice that I’ve included videos that include close-ups to provide you with details.


I’d like to thank you in advance for studying the proposal. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to email me:  or call 361.429.5345



- Kimberly Dow

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